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  • Oodrive SmartBrowser

  • Oodrive VirtualBrowser


    A professional browser that adapts to the constraints of your Enterprise


    A single browser for all your web applications

    High Security

    A remote mode for ultra-secure situations

    Compatibility with all of your web applications

    Comfort and productivity.  You manage a single browser that suits your web applications, regardless of their prerequisites for browser compatibility, Java or Flash. This improves user productivity.

    More agile workstation. The browser supports both old and new applications. You simplify the workstation and decide the speed of deploying new applications.

    Very quick return on investment. A new configuration is supported within days. No need to manage development projects or migration.

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    Compatibility with all of your web applications

    remote high-security web browsing

    remote high-security web browsing

    High-security browsing. Web browsing takes place in a virtual bubble completely remote from the workstation. You have the highest level of security possible for browsing the web or accessing applications.

    Reconcile mobility and security. You can access your applications even outside your company, in a less secure network. There is no risk tied to your connection. 

    Liberate the possibilities. Surfing the web is once again possible. In VirtualBrowser mode, Internet browsing becomes compliant with your security policy, even the most demanding ones. 

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